Friday, January 06, 2006

DWHS adds more blogs

New websites Launched

As DWHS promised we have finished new webmaster help sites for everyone. - Free marketing help and tools for getting your website more exposure on the internet. - Free downloads that you can trust. DWHS has tested each program for being the best and safest for it's function. - The official address for DWHS's web design studio in LA. Stop by the website or visit us in Hollywood during your next trip to LA.

Here is our new Logo!

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! To kick things off we are raising our bandwidth limits, and we have added better flash tutorials, a new stats selector in cpanel x, and faster servers. We hope this is your best year yet. Thank you, DWHS Web Hosting

DWHS gets a new logo!

As you may of heard DWHS Has signed on logomatic to create new corperate logo. DWHS has used a text only logo for almost 4 years and decided to completely re-create a new one. Thanks to the feedback, voting, and the decisions of James, Charles, and Paul, the new logo has been chosen and put on the website already.