Monday, June 18, 2007

Los Angeles, California based web host DWHS buys up two web hosting companies.

June 18, 2007 – (www.DWHS.COM) – What might seem like a medium sized web host might have other intentions in mind. With a little over 60k domains according the CEO James Garner this is merely a top 100 host rather then a host considered to be large. But some factors like the large amount of traffic they get as shown in (where they are the in the top 100k most visited websites, which is virtually unheard of for a host) might be a sign of something brewing.

But James was very leery about commenting on a massive growth strategy. He specifically said keeping the growth of DWHS steady and regulated is extremely important. Quote "Our primary focus is to have a personal connection available for our customers if they want it. I know hundreds of customers names and our customers service manager Charles Yarbrough probably knows thousands. If a customer is having a issue like sales declining or a somewhat slow loading website design we want to personally help. It seems simple enough that if they become more successful and upgrade to accommodate their growth DWHS wins as well. This is the premise of DWHS and has been since we made our Web Hosting Business official in 2001. We will do whatever we can to help our customers succeed."

I also noticed they have a 16 person staff which is very large for a 60k domain web host, in fact it's larger then most of the top twenty hosts staff from what I have heard. So I asked James why the large staff and why are you buying up Two hosting companies in in only 4 months? Quote "One thing I noticed in the business is customers notice everything about their web host. The loading speed and reliability of the website and quality of customer service are essential in this business. A strong local staff and high quality infrastructure is a essential in this industry if you ask me. I also would like to mention most of our employees have been with DWHS for over 2 years. We are also in downtown LA for a reason, we get the best bandwidth available from the top providers at the lowest price possible anywhere. This enables us to offer the fastest most reliable networks at a great price, which in turn our customers love us for it. But realistically we bought these two hosts for there good price not because it was time to buy up hosting companies. Two good deals just came up close to each other. We have bought several hosts over the years with no timing strategy, we just wait until a good deal comes along and we jump on it."

In conclusion It sounds to me like they have no intentions of becoming a web hosting conglomerate, I think they like how they are doing things and are growing with there clients response.

DWHS is an American corporation with headquarters in Los Angeles California, Orange County California, and Seattle, Washington. DWHS started out sharing a data center in Los Angeles in 1998. they also own the free image hosting service and the domain registration service and are partners with the new Orange County, California based business directory