Monday, June 05, 2017

Web Host

How to compete on keywords that is really really popular. Our dream keyword would be Web Host. unfortunately so is about 100k other web host's. First a big trend now is not about getting more popular or SEO. It's more about not doing anything stupid. Google spends as much time finding things they love about sites and they do finding sites they hate. We know, we have two site they put on some sort of no cool list and we haven't been able to break it for years. These sites never even spammed or duplicated content. They just kind of sucked.

Here is a couple stupid things you might try and get your popular keywords that you SHOULD NOT DO:

Send spam.
Post images already from Google images (at least put them in Photoshop and change them some.
Repost content already posted in Google.
Get comment link spam.
Submit to link lists.
Submit to bad directories.
Not have decent real content.
Keyword stuffing

Just stay away from these things and you can slowly grow your keywords no matter how popular they are. We went from not in the top thousand listing for Web Host to being 14th in less than a year. Google slowed us down but that's o.k. We knew it would take a couple years to win something so popular.

To test just search Google for Web Host and keep clicking the pages until you see WebHost.Pro if we make number one drinks are on us! 

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